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Colorado QSO Party

Colorado QSO Party 2021

1300 UTC 4 September 2021 until 0400 UTC 5 September 2021 (7AM to 10PM MDT)

The map of covered counties for 2020 is now on another page. It is reachable by putting your mouse on “Colorado QSO Party” on the main menu above. The drop down menu will show other COQP related pages. Select “CO Counties on the Air” for the state map.

Send your logfile(s) to .

As logs are received the call signs will be posted on the Logs Received page. Check there if you want to know that your submission has been received. Check the Received Since date against when you sent your log, sometimes we are a day or two behind in posting.

Log Submission Guidelines:

  • Carbrillo format preferred, Excel (xls, xlsx, or csv), scanned images, or text acceptable.
  • Make it an attachment, not in the body of your email.
  • If you don’t send a Summary sheet make sure the header of your log (or stated in your email) clearly contains the following info: Category (SO, MO, SO-Mobile, etc.); Mode (CW, SSB, Mixed, etc.); Power (QRP, Low, High)
  • Name your attachment(s) starting with your callsign (e.g.: WA0VTU.log, AF0S_Sum_Sheet.xls, etc.)
  • You may attach mone than one file to your email. Name separate logs with the county info. (e.g.: AF0S-ELP.log, AF0S-ADA.log, etc.)

No rule changes for 2021.
No rule changes for 2020.
No rule changes for 2019.
No rule changes for 2018.
No rule changes for 2017.
No rule changes for 2016.
Rule changes for 2015: 1) Start one hours later (1300Z). 2) Restore county line ops for mobile stations. 3) Changes to Mobile logs & scoring
Rule changes for 2014: 1) No portable ops from home county. 2) No dual county line ops for mobile stations. 3) Increased the bonus points and min QSO requirement for County activation. 4) Updated mobile definition to match County Hunters. 5) Clarified no dual county single QSOs for mobile stations. 6) Bonus points for QSOs with PPRAA Club Station call signs
Rule changes for 2013: 1) Separated Portable and Mobile into their own categories. 2) Removed the Multi-Multi Category. 3) Increased the bonus points for County activation.

PPRAA is pleased to announce the new Worked All Counties – Colorado (WACCO) award. This award was kicked off in conjunction with the 2010 Colorado QSO Party. You can earn the award by working a contact in each of Colorado’s 64 counties. There is also a Worked From All Counties version for making contacts from each county.

You can get the rules here.

This year sponsoring a plaque will be $45.00 each.
Unfortunately plaque and shipping costs have forced us to raise the cost this year.
As always, special categories may be sponsored. Plaques can be sponsored at anytime. To sponsor a plaque please email
Makes checks payable to:


PO Box 16521

Colorado Springs, CO 80935-6521

Revisions are constantly made to the website so periodically check back for updates. We want
to be able to present the itineraries of those activating counties through mobile means. This
should help improve many scores.

Our thanks to all who volunteered to help with and participated in the 2019 COQP. If you would like to help with the 2020 COQP or have questions or comments please email

Please tell your friends about the COQP. Get the word out so we will have another great COQP!


Doug, N7LEM

Sponsor a COQP Category Plaque

If you sponsor a plaque here please also send and email to
and let us know if you desire to sponsor a specific category or a special award.

Plaque Sponsorship: $45.00

Logging Software:

The following software supports the 2019 Colorado COQP. Others will be added
when they become capable of supporting the contest. Click on the link to download the software. Software listed on this page is not a specific endorsement of that particular software. Contestants should familiarize themselves with their chosen logging software before the contest and ensure that it is setup and functioning correctly according to their understanding of the contest rules.

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